Lee Anne Jones

Mixed Media
Gallery Loft Parking — 2412 2nd Avenue North

My name is Lee Anne, and I am a self taught polymer clay artist. I use polymer clay because of the versatility of the material, the colors and how I can blend it with different mediums to create patterns and textures. I use blades, brayers, a pasta machine, and an extruder to turn solid colors of clay into amazing patterns. I use various stamps, cutters, and odd household items to imprint and shape my creations.

I mix translucent liquid clay into opaque colors by adding alcohol ink and pastels. I started with earrings, necklaces and bracelets and have moved on to covering odd sizes of glass vases and jars with my designs. Tin boxes are another I love to cover. I call them treasure boxes, as you can store what you like to keep safe or hidden inside.

I also work with porcelain. I use stamps, doilies, and texture sheets to create hand built small dishes, earrings, and more. Working with both types of clay allow me to create functional pieces that can be used and enjoyed every day. I lose myself in my work. It is my happy place. I am lucky to be able to share my work with others at local art venues.