Leigh Allison


I create functional art out of metal, with carbon steel as my primary medium. Each project is created by hand cutting metal flat bar, tubing, or other types of materials. Depending on the style of the project, the pieces may be bent or distressed. Each individual piece is then welded together to create lamps, furniture, wall and table art. The completed projects are then distressed by natural patina or chemical means or heat colored to provide a unique finish. Wooden frames or backgrounds are incorporated into some projects.

My work takes primarily two forms. The first centers on geometric shapes and patterns. The process for creating these projects is very precise, relying on exact measurements and precise calculations of angles. These projects originate from the exploration of how lines, angles, and shapes can be organized into innumerable patterns and how these geometric relationships can be embedded into pieces of art. The other style of work draws inspiration from nature, and thus the construction process for these projects is far more fluid and inexact. The projects evolve organically as one piece is welded to the next, each step guided by the one that came before. I see these projects as a path toward conserving the unique ecological heritage of Alabama, highlighting the native plants that Alabama has to offer.

My studio is tucked away on a family farm in Montevallo, Alabama, a location which provides insight into the daily joys of the natural world.