Lillie C. Minnifield

Booth 27

I have been fascinated with art as long as I can remember. My body of work represents a corpus of artwork that covers a span of more than 20 years. My interest in art dates back to my early childhood. I am inspired by a miscellany of what life has to offer. I am interested in architecture, still life, flowers, human anatomy as well as activities of daily living. I work mainly with acrylics and oils; however, I occasionally work with watercolor. I find that my interest is difficult to confine to a limited style. I paint what most moves me and what I enjoy painting. I will paint on anything that will hold paint. I paint mainly on canvas and hard boards. I sometime transform recycle glass bottles and old furniture items into works of art. I especially enjoy creating art about American musicians, and capturing unique qualities about them.

My work proceeds through a series of sketches, which is transferred to canvas, wood, paper and hard boards. My technique involves several thin layers of paint to achieve my vibrant colors. Many of my pieces contain bright colors and elaborate beading, which is done with paint. I sometimes use intricate designs. No two works are exactly alike… ones-of-a-kind.

I work from a small art studio, located in the rear of my property. My studio brings me comfort, ideas and energy, like no other place. I spend many hours there just creating… painting and enjoying every moment of it. PAINTING BRINGS ME JOY, IT’S IN MY SOUL, And IT DRIVES ME.