Lillie Minnifield

Medium: Painting
Location: Outside Booth 61

I have been fascinated by art as long as I can remember. I have never studied art formally, but have taken internet courses I am simply consumed with reading as much as I can about art and art techniques and other artists. Unrelated to art, I have degrees in Sociology and Psychology. My body of work represents a corpus of artwork that covers over 20 years. My interest in art dates back to my early childhood. I am inspired by a miscellany of what life has to offer. I am interested in architecture, still life, flowers, human anatomy, as well as human activities. I work mainly with acrylics, but also work with oils and watercolor. I find that my interest is difficult to confine to a limited style. I paint what I feel and enjoy painting. I especially enjoy creating art about African-American musicians, and capturing unique qualities about them. My work proceeds through a series of sketches, which is transferred to canvas, wood, paper, and hard boards. My technique involves several thin layers of acrylic paint to achieve my vibrant colors. Many of my pieces contain bright colors and elaborate beading, which is done with acrylic paint. I sometime use intricate designs and no two works are exactly alike…ones-of-a-kind.