Lindsay Parris

Gallery Loft Parking — 2412 2nd Avenue North

Lindsay Parris was born in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1980’s but moved around a lot as a child, inspiring a love of experiencing new cultures, sights and sounds. Lindsay graduated with an Art Studio degree and a Master’s of Art Education from UAB in 2004 and 2007. Since then she has spent 12 years teaching visual art in the Birmingham area as well as creating and exhibiting her own art at a variety of galleries and festivals. Currently she teaches as an adjunct instructor of Art Education and Studio Art Foundations at UAB.

Artist Statement: My color palette leans toward the bright and colorful and the imagery I often explore through my work is both whimsical and a direct response to my mystical experiences in life. Most of my work is a combination of drawing, painting, and mixed-media collage that coincides with my personal spiritual path through dreams, meditation, intuitive journaling and this bizarre and beautiful human existence on Earth. My art is both a direct reflection of where I am on my personal path and interpretations of the Collective and Unity Consciousness. It is my intent through my work to explore the divine feminine and create sacred images of human experience.