Lisa Chamberlain Dunn

Philip Griffith Photography Studio — 2325 1st Avenue North

Lisa has been designing and making jewelry for most of the last two decades. She enjoys all elements of the processes of bringing a piece to completion, from searching for just the right vintage clasp to creating a component that she can not find. All manner of things have found their way into her jewelry, including pendants she crafted by hand, found objects, repurposed jewelry parts, metals, stones, glass, leather, wood, shells, or anything that she finds interesting or pretty.

In addition to taking classes and workshops from mostly Southeastern artists, she has taught many classes on various aspects of jewelry making. Lisa’s work has been shown regionally in various stores, galleries, and art shows. Birmingham ArtWalk is Lisa’s favorite show. Not only does it give her a chance to catch with friends, ArtWalk is the best place to see so many of our local artist’s incredible talents.