Magan Brown

Medium: Mixed Media
Location: Outside Booth 71

My name is Magan Lee Brown and I am starting a business called Magpie Lee Art. I am an Alabama based artist currently in art school. I create and sell paintings, fine art prints, wood-burned items, jewelry, & other oddities. Creating art and being a mental health advocate are my biggest passions. I love exploring themes of duality between vibrant happiness and subtle or strange darkness. Experimenting with different mediums is really fun for me since I don’t like to fit into the standard “box”. My goal is to become a full time professional artist and one day an art therapist! Currently, I am in art school working the Mastery Program at the Milan Art Institute! You can connect with me and follow my journey on socials for Instagram and TikTok or @Magpie Lee Art & Design for Facebook and Pinterest. I am also in the process of designing my website which you will be able to find at!