Mark Gilbert

Mixed Media
Birmingham Oddities — 2300 1st Avenue North, #101

Mark Gilbert is a native of South FL who has lived in AL since 1996 and Birmingham, AL since 2006. After completing a degree in interdisciplinary studies at the University of Alabama New College in 1998, Gilbert held various analytical positions in aerospace component manufacturing where he gained an appreciation for precise and complex systems. Mark holds numerous patents on advancements in LED lighting systems, persistence of vision displays and algorithms allowing the display of 3 dimensional images. In 2016 Mark began to build sculptures and abstract art which incorporate a variety of unique materials and processes.

Artist Statement: My works are created with combinations of discarded materials including wood, metals, glass, plastics, carbon fiber and various mechanical and electronic assemblies. Sculpture components are obtained through disassembly and re-use of discarded industrial hardware, car engines, aerospace hardware, heavy machinery and household items. Many parts are cut, machined and re-shaped to form sculptures. Materials used are often subject to surface treatments and manual abrasion to allow freehand application of pencil, charcoal, pastels and conventional paints on to surfaces normally incompatible with such media. Structural integrity and symmetry are achieved through component placement arranged to distribute the weight of the structure among secure mounting points (steel rods) integral to the sculpture. This allows the works to be hung from a ceiling, mounted on a floor stand or hung horizontally on a wall like a conventional picture.