Mary Grace Staples

Athens Flatts Parking — 2306 2nd Avenue North

I am so grateful to have been born and raised on the beautiful Lake Martin in Alabama. I developed a love and appreciation for the arts early on, as my mother had me, and my three siblings, in art and music lessons for over twelve years. I attended the University of South Alabama, where I earned a Bachelors of Fine Art degree with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Painting. Since earning my degree, I have used my love and appreciation for creative designing and branding through my job as a Graphic Artist and through freelancing. While I love the work I create as a graphic designer, my passion to be a painter has never left me and only seems to call louder and louder these days as I spend so much of my time toggling between two computer screens and through five design programs.

My passion to paint and create is fueled by living a colorful, adventurous, and God-centered life. My goal is to capture the beauty of life, nature, and happiness through brush strokes and beautiful acrylic paint. While I am still discovering my style as an artist, I am inspired by contemporary themes and organic textures. I like to think that I combine my love for and inspiration from nature with a modern flare. I enjoy layering my paintings by blending water with my acrylic paint to create depth and to give me a sense of freedom with every stroke. Ultimately, I believe that I was created to create, and continuing to discovering God’s purpose for my life shall be my life’s art project.