Michelle Branson

Mixed Media
219 20th Street North

Michelle Branson is an artist and teacher from the Birmingham area. She graduated with a BS in the Fine Arts and a M.Ed. in Fine Arts from the University of Montevallo and currently teaches high school art. She works primarily in mixed media with a focus on painting. Her work has been shown at the SCAC gallery in Columbiana, AL and she has participated in Birmingham’s Art Walk for multiple years. You can find more of her work on Instagram.com/Paper_Calamity. For more information on commissions or portraits, please email michellebransonart@gmail.com.

I think that art can be a way to process things that are hard to look at or difficult to fully comprehend. Art works for me as a sort of aversion therapy where I focus on concepts that I may find overwhelming or unpleasant, and render them carefully so that I find beauty or humor in them. As such, my work often addresses the concepts of anxiety, femininity and mortality. I usually start with a layered, abstract backgrounds and use resulting areas of color or texture to plan my object placement. My backgrounds are typically layered acrylic mediums or paints that I often fill with linework. This process functions as a sort of meditation for me and hopefully a visual representation of obsessive or disorderly thought for the viewer. Non local color and recurring symbols including anxious hands, skulls, various forms of origami and stylized and faceless female forms are common throughout my work. I am inspired by Surrealism and the tradition of memento mori and vanitas paintings