Mikayla Jade Hammock

Gallery Loft Parking — 2412 2nd Avenue North

Artist, Mikayla Hammock, is based in Madison, Alabama, and will be relocating to Birmingham in late August of 2019. She has previously sold her work at the Flying Monkey Arts at Lowemill, in Huntsville. Her drawings are created using pen and ink. Her style of art is a drawing within a drawing. She illustrates scenes that take the shape of a larger subject. The scenes within the drawings tell you about the subject as they form its shape. Her work depicts a breadth of subjects, such as: animals formed by illustrations of their habitat, characters formed by illustrations of a popular scene, and people being formed by illustrations of their culture. Her art has been sold on t-shirts, posters, wood, and paper. It explores themes such as movies, culture, animals, environmental protection, people, and tv series.