Nicole Gunter

Mixed Media
23rd St Art Plaza — 23rd Street between 1st and 2nd Ave North

I like to maintain a slightly dark sense of humor whenever possible in my work. I use satire to gently make fun of the stories and video games that I love as well as to ask general questions no one really needs the answers to. What if the gateway to Narnia had been not in a wardrobe but at the back of an oven? Would children blindly climb into it? How many flamingos are too many flamingos? Will adding octopus tentacles to a koala allow it to play the violin? How can you carry 400 pounds of swords, armor, potions, etc without even having a backpack?

I work digitally in Photoshop as well as with traditional media, depending on the subject matter. I incorporate what some would call a tedious amount of detail in each piece. Some pieces are done completely on the computer while others start on paper and are only digitally enhanced upon completion.