Philip Evans Griffith

Philip Griffith Photography Studio — 2325 1st Avenue North

I am a bit of a mixed breed. Born and raised in Illinois by my (southern raised) parents, we eventually re-located to Birmingham in 1977. After attending classes at the University of Montevallo, I began working as a photo assistant and freelance photographer in the Birmingham market. With the advent of the digital age, things rapidly changed and due to both economic and personal reasons, I shut my studio down in late 2009. After some time off to think, breathe and adjust, I consulted with a few friends and decided in early 2010 to shift my career focus towards working exclusively as a fine-art photographer. Under the influence of William Christenberry’s imagery, my main body of work now involves photographing road side environments along the highways and back roads throughout the south, and more recently, Illinois. My images are about a very precise intersection of time and place, capturing the character of each environment through light and composition.