Rhandie Weaver

Booth 12

Rhandie received a Bachelors Degree from UCSB in 1993 for Theatrical Lighting. Her natural eye for light and color was developed and trained during this time and gives her a unique perspective of how light and color react in glass. She took a stained glass class in the late 90’s and fell in love with glass. Glass quickly went from hobby to business and she opened Blue Dragon Glass in 2001. She has learned a great deal over the years and is self taught in sandblast etching and carving techniques, “warm” or “kiln formed” glass and mosaics. She tends to combine these techniques to create beautiful works of art. She is constantly experimenting with techniques to expand her vision and skill set. She has a very distinctive style and enjoys projects that challenge her knowledge and abilities. She created “Indigenous Vulcan”, her largest project to date, which resides in The Birmingham Zoo and is part of “Vulcan’s on Parade”.