Richard Aguilar

Medium: Ceramics
Location: Outside Booth 64

Richard started in ceramic arts as a freshman in high school, earning numerous art awards and a small art scholarship. After high school he attended the local community college and continued his learning of ceramic arts. Due to the increase efforts on the Global War on Terror, Richard decided to enlist into the US Army as a Combat Medic and putting his ceramic’s and college education on hold. While stationed in South Korea Richard learned of the passing of his high school’s ceramics art teacher (Mr. Larry Vetter) who was an instrumental part of Richard’s life in his teen years. So after over 17 years of not touching clay, Richard decided to give the potter’s wheel a try at the local US Army Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) art center at Camp Humphreys South Korea. After a few trials and errors, it all started to come back to him and with the guidance of some of his South Korean counterparts and the art center’s staff, Richard’s love for clay was coming back to him. While in South Korea, his work was getting a lot of attention and with the help of the resources at the MWR art center, Richard was able to participate in several local festivals to display and sell his work.

Richard currently lives in Enterprise AL and currently still serves his Country while stationed at Fort Rucker AL. He currently works out of his garage where he has built a small studio and as of January 2023 started his business in ceramics named Pottery 1018 “Marred in his hands”. He utilizes clay and raw materials that is purchased either locally or in near-by states to produce elegant forms of either functional ware or for display. He is utilizing currently an electric kiln to reach temperatures exceeding 2250°F to make sure every ceramic piece is of the highest quality. Richard believes in always challenging the quality of his work and never settling for lack in quality.