September Reed

Medium: Painting
Location: Outside Booth 3

September Reed is a Birmingham Artist who began in Henna Body Art and expanded into textured, freehand mandala paintings. Using a traditional henna cone filled with acrylic paint, she creates a 3D effect while improvising her designs. She includes delightful details, and her paintings often center around themes, seasons, holidays, creatures, and various requests provided by her collectors. Through the last 9 years, her detailed motifs have adorned skin, canvas, glass, wood, sculpture, and ceramic. In 2021, she self-published 2 coloring books of her artwork, and completed work on a new one which will be released in April 2023, through Arcturus Publishing in London, and will be available in the US and UK. September has participated in over 100 art shows, body art events, and festivals, and has her work currently available in several local retail shops, including the Birmingham Museum of Art Gift Shop. She is a Resident Artist at Birmingham Oddities, as well as a Resident Artist at a new Birmingham Artists’ collective known as Wantful Things. September teaches numerous art classes at local libraries in and around the city, and also organizes themed art shows to help elevate other local Artists and their work.