Sharon Brazile

Medium: Painting
Location: TBD

Art has been a part of Sharon’s life since early childhood. The love of the land and early childhood memories guide her paintings. Brazile feels that “Art is quiet, loud, speechless, verbal, lovely, loveless, arrogant, vague, tranquil, colorful, dull, sharp, dark, sexy, woman, man, and represent nations. Art can go all over the world with the stroke of a brush. When a man cannot speak, art will speak to the heart and soul of the universe.” One of the Brazile paintings will represent Joseph from the Bible, a reminder of people who existed in her family, titled “The Dreamcoat.” The Dreamcoats originated from Joseph, the son of Jacob and one of twelve brothers, in the book of Genesis. Joseph was given a favorite coat by his father because he favored him. Many people are given a Dreamcoat; it only belongs to them. Dreamcoats are given to women and men. The Dreamcoat represents her, her dad, and her grandfather in this picture.

Her medium of choice is Acrylic.