William F. Colburn

Booth 28

I create my sculptures in a large industrial warehouse in Birmingham’s Woodlawn neighborhood. My work is created from cutting heavy plate steel and stainless steel with plasma torches, Each piece is then shaped over a coal fired forge or hydraulically formed with self made dies. After shaping the individual pieces they are mig welded into large scale three dimensional sculptures. After assembly each piece sand blasted, and the stainless pieces are highly polished. The carbon steel work is then allowed to weather and create a patina finish. My work embodies the natural whimsy of the natural world in gigantic forms.

In 2016 I relocated my studio back to my home town of Birmingham to accept a grant from REV Birmingham to create a 10,000 sq foot sculpture park in Avondale alongside the cities walking trail extension. The facility will incorporate music, culinary arts and theater, in a sculpture park featuring my large scale works. My work was installed in UAB Cancer center Lobby in 2019, And the Bell Centers New Facility in Homewood in 2018. Over my thirty year career, my work has been installed in cities across the United States. City of Miami, City of Mobile, Barber Motorsports, and many more.